Tere Del Castillo

Growing up in a family of 11 children where the remedies for our pains came first from the outdoors, the kitchen, and a pantry with an endless assortment of jars filled with dried herbs.Going to bed with a steaming pot of eucalyptus in the room so we could breathe better.Receiving the healing touch of a mother whose soft skin smelled like rose water and her hair like violets. Finding comfort in the forever sweet smell of lavender of my father's arms. Brewing chamomile and mint tea for baby brothers and sisters when they had colic. Learning from my grandmother how to blend vinegars, clays,flowers and oils for beautiful skin.

All of this and more precious teachings from my upbringing have made a believer out me. I believe that for every need the Earth provides a remedy or at least an opportunity for well-being. I believe in pure,effective ingredients formulated ethically so they do not cause us harm. I also have great respect for scientific studies which help us make necessary choices about solutions for our skin care concerns.

My professional training comes first from the field of Education. I was fortunate to practice as an Early Childhood teacher in Austin for 19 years. It was during that time that I received my first massage, an amazing healing experience which led my life in a new direction. I graduated from Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in 1994. A fascination with Anatomy, ingredients and herbs inspired me to obtain my Skin Care license in 2003, followed by a License in Medical Aesthetics.I have practiced as an educator in SPA therapies in the U.S. and Mexico,and have 13 years experience in Resort and SPA modalities.

There have been many wonderful teachers in my life. Life itself has been the best teacher. Thanks to the generosity of Herbalists, Aromatherapists, Perfumists, Doctors, Rolfers,Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Nurses and many Massage Therapists and Estheticians from whom I have received training, my life force is in a great place. It is from this place that I offer my services to you.

Health, peace and happiness.