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Skin Care


30 MIN

Fatigued and dehydrated skin finds relief with personalized exfoliation,steam,mask and pressure points on the face. A great addition to a massage.


THERAPEUTIC  FACIAL                            $65

60 MIN

A classic European. Skin analysis. A cocktail of enzymes or fruit acids to remove dead cell build up. Steam. Manual extraction of impurities. Custom blended mask. Antioxidant serums. Face,hand,neck and shoulder massage.    


ABSOLUTE CARE FACIAL                                   $65

60 MIN

A calming facial designed to soothe inflamed or easily irritated skin. Gentle fruit enzymes to decongest delicate red areas. Green tea extract plus botanical gel mask nourish and balance sensitive skin. Aromatherapy hand,neck and shoulder massage.


PURIFYING  FACIAL                                    $70                                     

60 MIN +

Potent enzymes or Fruit acids are applied to treat congested pores. Manual extractions, anti-inflammatory cleansing serum and Purifying Clay mask. Oil free hydrators. Massage of hands,neck and shoulders.


AGE DEFYING  FACIAL                               $65

60 MIN

Lactic, Glycol or Salicylic Acids are brushed on the skin to help new cells come to the surface. Extraction of impurities. Facial massage with grape seed and vitamin C extracts infuse the skin and fight free radicals. Balancing anti-oxidant mask and your choice of dewy or matte firming serums.


BACK FACIAL                                           $65

60 MIN

Proteolitic enzymes exfoliate the full back and prepare skin for removal of impurities. Warm towels infused with antibacterial toner bring the skin to balance. A clearing mud mask is applied to detoxify and prevent over production of oil. Neck, scalp and foot massage add a soothing note to this treatment.


 DERMAPLANING                                      $70

60 MIN

A detailed manual exfoliation performed with a small blade that glides over the skin to remove surface dead cells as well as vellous hair. This is a safe, pain free treatment. Many clients find it quite relaxing! The benefits to your skin show immediately in texture, tone, luminosity, fine line reduction and healthier appearance. The session includes a customized enzyme peel and application of corrective serums.

Massage and Body Treatments


60 MIN

This firm, but gentle full body massage is designed to increase circulation, diffuse muscle tension,and create a heightened sense of well-being and relaxation.



60 MIN

100 % pure essential oil blends are custom prepared for you session. The art of Aromatherapy has a profound impact on balancing mood and emotions as well as nourishing and purifying the skin and supporting the body's own healing abilities to reduce pain and inflammation.


GERIATRIC MASSAGE                      $30 $60

30 or 60 MIN

A modified Swedish massage considering the individual medical needs and age related issues of older adults. Some of the benefits include increased circulation, mobility and sleep. Relief from soreness and fatigue. Reduced anxiety. Enhanced lymph flow. Massage meets the need for tactile stimulation which delivers trust, warmth and love.


Hair Removal with Cirepil French wax

EYEBROWS                                               $20

LIP OR CHIN                                              $10

NOSE, EARS                                     $10 - $20 

UNDER ARM                                               $15 

ARMS                                               $20 - $40 

LEGS                                                $25 - $45 

BACK                                                $30 - $60 

BIKINI                                               $25 - $40 

BRAZILIAN                                         $45 - $65 



Lash and Brow Tint

LASH                                                $15 

BROW                                               $10